Tayvon Alexander arrested for animal abuse and child abuse charges (6/4/15)

SILVER SPRING SHORES, FL – Tayvon Alexander and his girlfriend have been arrested after a 3-year-old boy was found with possible rib and facial fractures, as well as severe bruising to his face and torso.

With his arrest on Sunday in Marion County for charges of aggravated child abuse after his alleged treatment of a three-year-old child, I’m thinking 23-year-old Tayvon L. Alexander has used up his 15 minutes of fame.

Based on Alexander’s many Facebook selfies and the subsequently unsubstantiated report that “Well loox like i got the part az a model forreal. they payin 4 the flight up 2 new york and i can make a retainer of $10,000 a month. loox like im gonna b livin it the fukk up now!!!!!!”

On Saturday, Ocala sheriff’s deputies were asking for assistance in finding a young man reported missing on Saturday morning. According to the Ocala StarBanner, Tayon Alexander “called someone and his statements worried that individual, who called the Sheriff’s Office.”

Alexander was found Sunday, along with the three-year-old child, who “showed obvious signs of injuries.” Said signs included “possible rib and facial fractures” and “severe bruises on [the] face and torso.” When asked, the boy said he’d been hit several times by Alexander on Friday for “being bad.” Alexander told the Sheriff’s Office that the youngster had fallen down several steps and was struck by a toy car.

As noted above, Alexander has been arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse. Also arrested was Alexander’s girlfriend Ashley Webber, who was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and resisting an officer without violence. According to the child, he was beaten on Friday in the presence of Webber, who apparently did not intervene. A confidential source informed police that Webber indicated she was aware that Alexander had caused the boy’s injuries and “that all children should be disciplined the same way.”

All-in-all, this would be a “meh” story for D’D, as the kid survived and didn’t wind up with a colostomy bag or having to have his penis surgically removed, except that Tayon Alexander has been in the news before for an incident involving dead puppies.

At the end of 2011, a deputy was sent to a Marion Oaks residence after a 911 hang-up call. The deputy immediately noticed that the sofa was flipped over, but the woman who answered the door said everything was fine; even so, she allowed him inside, at which point he observed a dead puppy on the living room floor with blood around its head.

The woman said that she and her boyfriend, Tayon Alexander, argued about the puppies in the home and their messes, and then he told her “I threw the dog down and it’s dead.” Another deputy found two more dead puppies; the two deputies also found the mother dog in the back yard eating out of scattered garbage bags, one puppy walking around the house, and two puppies cowering behind the toilet.

Alexander was located at a mental health and substance abuse treatment facility in Ocala; supposedly his mother had taken him there for counseling. He was arrested and charged with three felony counts of animal cruelty.

Alexander wound up pleading no contest to those charges in January 2013. The only witness to the case, the mother of his children, had moved away and didn’t want to testify against the father of her kids so Tayon was only sentenced to three years probation. As you can see on pages 24 and 25 of his Facebook posts, he wasn’t thrilled with public reaction to the media reporting the outcome of his case.

And if you keep scrolling to page 32, you’ll see that Alexander actually publicly admitted “Just got finished watching breaking dawn.” Breaking Dawn! Props for that–that takes some balls. Alexander is being held on no bond on the child abuse charges; Webber was released after posting $2,000 bond.

Offender ID  100183  (Tayvon)

Offender ID 100184  (Ashley)

Incident ID 200159

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