South Carolina man accused of decapitating puppy in front of girlfriend and kids (10-11-15)

Aiken, SC (WJBF) – An Aiken man is facing charges after he reportedly cut the head off of a 2-week-old puppy in front of his girlfriend and her two children, who are 7-years-old and 10-years-old.

The incident happened Saturday at approximately 3:14 a.m.

According to an Aiken Department of Public Safety (ADPS) incident report, officers responded to 352 Kershaw Street NE, in Aiken, in reference to a disturbance.

Upon their arrival, officers spoke with the complainant, 37-year-old Tarsha Hankinson, who claimed that 25-year-old James Xavier Quattlebaum “arrived home under the influence of narcotics and had just beheaded several puppies and was still within the residence wielding a knife with her children.” She stated that Quattlebaum was her boyfriend.

Officers found Quattlebaum sitting in his vehicle in the driveway of the residence. As he was being detained, officers noticed that Quattlebaum appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and that he was reluctant to talk with them.

After being read his rights, Quattlebaum was placed in a patrol car. Officers then spoke to the children, who said Quattlebaum had become upset with Hankinson over an argument and then proceeded to decapitate one of their puppies with a large kitchen knife in front of Hankinson and them.

Hankinson told officers she fled the residence to contact ADPS while Quattlebaum disposed of the puppy’s body. Officers then checked in the rear bedroom of the residence where the incident reportedly happened and they found blood on a rug in the middle of the room and a large knife on top of a dresser. Officers said the knife appeared to be covered with blood and light-colored animal fur.

The officers searched for the puppy’s body and found under a small layer of trash In the outside trash can.

While outside in the patrol car, Quattlebaum “began kicking the door to the patrol car as officers began preparing to transport him. Officers had to hobble the suspect to be transported” to the Aiken County Detention Center (ACDC). While officers were putting the hobble Quattlebaum, he reportedly spit in one of the officers’ face.

Quattlebaum was transported to ACDC, where he had a hold placed on him, according to the report.

He has been charged with Ill Treatment of Animals, two counts of Unlawful Conduct Toward a Child, Throwing Bodily Fluids on a Law Enforcement Officer, and Damage to City Property.

Incident ID # 200145


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