Man in Ohio threw dog from cliff twice (1/2/16)

ELYRIA — An Elyria man threw his dog off of a rocky cliff twice in Cascade Park on Tuesday, eyewitnesses told rangers investigating the incident.

Christopher Taylor, 21, was allegedly seen by others in the park, who reported the incident to Lorain County Metro Parks rangers at 3:26 p.m.

“Witnesses say they saw the dog walking back up the cliff to the owner, and the owner picked the dog up and threw it again,” said Jim Ziemnik, director of Lorain County Metro Parks.

In an official report, a witness described the dog as “limping and crawling” back to Taylor.

When Taylor threw the dog again, the report says the dog, “smacked the rocks and laid there.” Witnesses say the dog did not move again.

Police are still searching for the dog but say it is most likely deceased.

Police spoke with Taylor, who said he and a friend were at a gas station and were only cutting through the park to go home. However, police say the two were seen near Black River and on the trail where witnesses say the incident took place.

Witnesses noticed a dog chain with the two men, which Taylor told officers he had from his house because he has dogs at home. Police believe the second man may have been hiding the chain in his pocket for Taylor.

Taylor was charged with cruelty to companion animals and abandoning animals and taken to Lorain County Jail, but has since been released on bonds totaling $1,750.

His next appearance in Elyria Municipal Court is set for Jan. 14.

The man said to have been with Taylor at the time has not been charged in the incident.

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